12 Week Running Plans!

Hi guys! This is ItsTheSkinny!

So I always get questions about diet and exercise. An overwhelming number of questions are about running, since many of you know that I’m a runner. Many of you ask how to start running, what’s a good running schedule, or how to become a better or faster runner.

That gave me the idea to make Running Training Plans. I worked with a running coach here in my hometown to help me develop Plans customized to skill level and distance. Normally, he charges over $200 dollars for an 8-12 week plan, which is outrageous!

Anyway, so I worked very hard and put together 12 week plans for the following:

  1. Beginner’s 5k
  2. Intermediate 5k/10k
  3. Advanced 5k/10k
  4. Beginners 13.1 (half marathon!)
  5. Intermediate 13.1/26.2 (half marathon, marathon)
  6. Advanced 13.1/26.2

Not only are they based on skill level and distance, but you even have customized pacing (you’ll know more about it if you buy the plan).

Also, it is full of information about why you’re doing what you’re doing.

So how do you decide which plan is right for you?

This is how Coach and I have determined to define each level:

Beginner’s 5k: This plan is for those who never never run a day in their life or can barely run a mile or two without stopping. This is similar to the Couch25k plan; however it is more detailed, and rather than just getting you running 3.1 miles, it is also aimed at you running more than 3.1 miles and running at a challenging pace.

Intermediate 5k/10k: This plan will get you ready for either distance. This plan is best for those who run 2-4 miles a few times a week already, but want to run more, run faster, or both. This will add structure to your running and help you get more mileage.

Advanced 5k/10k: This plan is for those who have run the distance before but want to get a PR (personal record). That means, these people run 3-6 miles at least a few times a week. These people have run 5ks or 10ks before, but they want to improve their time.

Beginner’s 13.1 (Half-marathon): This is for those who can easily run at least 3 miles but have never ran a half marathon. Or if you have, it’s been a very long time or you’ve had an injury for a few months. This will get you through your first half, at a challenging pace. I do not recommend this plan for those new to running, just those new to this distance!

Intermediate 13.1/26.2: This plan is for those who run over 5 miles a day, most days of the week. It may be your first half marathon, or maybe you’ve run a half but you want to train for a marathon. This is for you. Pretty much, you’re a veteran runner that wants to get higher mileage than usual and complete a half marathon or marathon.

Advanced 13.1/26.2: This plan is for those who run over 5 miles a day, most days of the week and have completed a half marathon or marathon before, but want to greatly improve their time and fitness. This is the most difficult of all plans, and is meant to get you some PRs in the half or full marathon.

The best part about all of these plans is that you can do them over and over again, and continue to improve your time for that distance!
These plans will get you running, develop your skill as a runner, and help you lose weight, get fit, or stay fit!

Please be courteous. I worked very hard on these plans and they are very reasonably priced, so please do not give them out. Thank you so much.

As always I love you guys,


PS. After you order a plan, I won’t take more than a day to send you your plan via email. So make sure you can access your PayPal email!

Thank you, loves!

$5 for all 5k and 10k plans
$7 for all half marathon and full marathon plans!